Your Regulatory Partner for the Future

FINcontrol Suisse AG will operate as an independent Swiss supervisory organization under FINMASA. With the guiding principles of lean structure, efficiency, independence and reliability, it will act as a reliable supervisory partner for financial institutions. In this way, FINcontrol Suisse AG strengthens the reputation, stability and future of "Financial Market Switzerland".

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The Financial Services Act FinSA and the Financial Institutions Act FinIA regulate the licensing and conduct requirements for portfolio managers and trustees in Switzerland.

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A supervisory organization is not a public authority but an institution under private law, which checks that asset managers and trustees are in constant compliance with the licensing requirements and the obligations of conduct under FinSA (FIDLEG) and FinIA (FINIG). Accordingly, a supervisory organization should emerge from the market itself. At the same time, it must perform its supervisory activities independently and free of any vested interests. FINcontrol Suisse AG focuses on these objectives.

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FinSA & FinIA - New Regulation for Portfolio Managers and Trustees

Since 1 January 2020, the Financial Services Act FinSA and the Financial Institutions Act FinIA shape the market authorisation and the duties of portfolio managers and trustees. Even though many elements of the laws were already practiced in this way before, individual elements are nevertheless new, and the overarching effects of these laws require careful planning of a financial institution's own strategy as an portfolio manager or trustee. Different transition periods and different requirements namely depending on the size for licensees take into account the principle of proportionality.

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