FINcontrol Suisse Ltd - Supervision over Asset Managers and Trustees

FINcontrol Suisse Ltd is a subsidiary of VQF and all of its shares are hold by VQF. FINcontrol Suisse Ltd has been established with the purpose to operate a supervisory organization according to FINIG for asset managers and trustees. More about the purpose in the commercial registry.

Doing so, it follows the principle of staying as lean as possible while ensuring an effective and powerful supervision. This ensures that the financial market can benefit from a competent and competitive supervisory organization.

FINcontrol Suisse Ltd will thus become a cornerstone within the VQF group in the regulatory regime under FIDLEG and FINIG. Financial intermediaries that will be supervised by FINcontrol Suisse Ltd may also benefit from the services offered by the other legal entites of the VQF group. These services are rendered by VQF Verein zur Qualitätssicherung von Finanzdienstleistungen, VQF Audit AG and VQF Academy.

FINcontrol Suisse Ltd is currently setting up all necessary structures to be licensed as supervisory organization.

Board members

Heinz Knecht, Chairman
Miriam Chiara Di Natale, Vice Chairman
Patrick Schleiffer, Member
Marcel Schmocker, Member
Marco Passardi, Member

Managing directors

Simon Wälti, CEO

Statutory Auditor

Grant Thornton AG, Zurich